The famous chef Jordi Roca prepares a delicious recipe with carob flour from Beflesh

BBVA, in its commitment to sustainability, and in collaboration with the famous chef Jordi Roca, has prepared two videos in which Beflesh’s carob flour is the undisputed protagonist. You can enjoy the videos and learn a delicious recipe for carob polvorón here.
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The best sustainable producers

Sustainability is profitable. What is not profitable is to follow inertia or what others do because it could mean a waste  of time, money and effort.»The main thing is to think, analyze and carry out studies 15 or 20 years from now «, explains Enrique Pérez, managing director of Pedro Pérez, a family business that...
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Pedro Pérez, Valencian producer awarded by the Roca Brothers

Pedro Pérez is committed to sustainability and grows organic carobs, demonstrating that environmentally friendly cultivation is possible and profitable.  
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Pedro Pérez: more than 40 years of cultivation and commercialization of carob

One of the most extraordinary regions globally regarding plant production is undoubtedly the Mediterranean area, especially the Iberian Peninsula. This fortunate situation has a reason: its climate, characterized by dry and warm summers, with average temperatures above 22 °C, and wet and rainy winters, with mild temperatures. These climate conditions generate the development of forest-like...
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BBVA Awards for the Best Spanish Sustainable Producers

BBVA has announced the names of the ten winners of the second edition of the Awards for the Best Spanish Sustainable Producers. The winners have been selected from close to 200 companies from all over the national territory. With this initiative, which the bank has promoted for the second consecutive year in collaboration with El...
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Roasted carob powder

Beflesh vs roasted carob powder

Carob pulp is rich in dietary fibre and polyphenols which are very beneficial for human health. It is a source of natural bioactive compounds and for this reason its use is becoming very interesting as a raw material in the food industry. It is considered as a “superfood” due to its nutrients and bioactive components,...
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Pedro Pérez in «Terra Viva» (Valencian regional television program)

On May 27, Pedro Pérez was one of the main characters of  «Terra Viva». It is a space dedicated to the Valencian countryside, typical products, animal husbandry, fishing and the weather on À Punt, the Valencian regional television. It was an interview in which Mr. Pedro Pérez, Production Manager of the company, explained the current...
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Where to find carob powder

Where to find carob powder?

The carob fruit is a rich source of bioactive compounds such as dietary fibre and polyphenols with beneficial and healthy properties. The key points to take full advantage of the carob’s best nutrients and properties depend on the quality and origin of the raw material and the production process used to produce carob powder. Where...
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Beflesh German Magazine Food Technologie

Beflesh on the German Magazine Food Technologie

Beflesh appears in the latest issue of the German magazine «foodTechnologie». The article explains how our cooperation with the company Hosokawa has helped us develop Beflesh, a ‘superfine superfood’ with an exclusive particle size. It describes how the project started and how it became real. You can click here to read the article.  
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beflesh valencian region television

Beflesh on Valencian regional television

From field to fork The discovery of carob as a superfood has encouraged its cultivation and the development of new, more productive varieties. The launch of new ‘high added value’ products like Beflesh, maintains carob at a competitive price, arousing its interest among farmers and helping its expansion. Find out more about our products in...
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Carob powder supplier

Carob powder supplier: Beflesh, the best raw carob powder for sale

When a company buys raw material, the first thing to consider is its quality, especially when it is intended for the food sector. This is the reason why we offer you a unique product, Beflesh. Definitely, the best raw carob powder produced in Spain. Today we talk about… Carob powder supplier: Beflesh, the best raw...
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