Carob powder supplier

Carob powder supplier: Beflesh, the best raw carob powder for sale

When a company buys raw material, the first thing to consider is its quality, especially when it is intended for the food sector. This is the reason why we offer you a unique product, Beflesh. Definitely, the best raw carob powder produced in Spain. Today we talk about… Carob powder supplier: Beflesh, the best raw carob powder for sale.

Customers are always looking for the best product in the market as far as taste, flavour, quality and price. Only reliable suppliers can guarantee all these features to your final product.

We are what we eat and a company is what it produces, so make sure that the ingredients you buy for your business are of quality and meet the highest standards.

Innovation makes the difference

Our innovation in the industry is driven by our experience acquired over the years and the beneficial properties of carob.

Since our beginnings, our facilities count with the most specialized infrastructure and equipment for manufacturing new carob products. Our qualified team comprises a group of carob-specialized engineers and technicians. Work processes and procedures comply with the highest internationally recognized standards of quality, sustainability and food safety, guaranteeing the safety of the products we offer.

We count with the best quality and local raw material, an innovative production process with the latest technology and a high qualified and skilled team to produce a ‘high added value product’.

Carob powder supplier: Why is Beflesh the best raw carob powder?

We’ve been processing carob for more than 50 years, and these are the key factors which help us produce Beflesh, because we are committed to giving the best for our customers day after day.

Carob pods are fruits with a sweet taste and rich in sugars, minerals, vitamins and other bioactive compounds. They are processed in industry, cleaned and grinded, separating the seeds from the pulp. While the seeds are used in the food industry to produce ‘locust bean gum’, a natural thickener present in ice-creams and sauces; the pulp is a healthy natural ingredient that may be used as a healthy substitute of cocoa powder.

Carob has been processed historically and has been used in the past mainly for animal feed. However, the new trends and investigations consider the carob fruit a new superfood due to its healthy bioactive properties.

BEFLESH is dehydrated at low temperature to respect all the nutritional properties and bioactive capacity of the carob fruit.  This innovative dehydration process makes it acrylamide free and richer in vitamins B9 and D2, compared to other commercial roasted carob powder products.

What is the nutritional value of BEFLESH?

BEFLESH is 100% pure carob powder, free from additives or added sugars. Its sweet taste is 100% natural, coming directly from the carob fruit. It is also highly energetic and rich in fibre. Furthermore, it is gluten and caffeine free and contains minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.

In addition, its bioactive compounds, polyphenols, flavonoids, and tannins have a great antioxidant capacity.

These compounds have been linked with the health-promoting effects such as anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, anti-diarrheal and anti-hyperlipidemia (cholesterol reduction).

For this reason, carob is now considered as a new superfood, and is getting more importance in a healthy and balanced nutrition.

An organic and local product

Beflesh is produced thanks to more than 500 local farmers who carefully grow this product and believe in this sustainable crop.

Working with local producers is the target of our success in being supplied with a high-quality raw material.

It enables us to reduce the transport costs and to promote the cultivation of the carob tree by offering competitive prices to our farmers, and at the same time, helping the development of rural economies in our region, avoiding farmers to abandon the land.

Our carob products are environmentally friendly, being produced locally and without using pesticides because the carob tree is very resistant to plagues and pests. Therefore, as suppliers of carob powder, we don’t force the growth of the plant, we allow it to grow as naturally as possible and we take it to your company.

At the environmental level, the carob tree has one of the most CO2 fixation capacities, compared to other trees in our region, and plays an important role in mitigating climate change.

Carob in modern restaurants today

More and more restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries offer natural alternatives to their specialty as their customers are more aware that their health depends on what they eat.

For this reason, in Beflesh is becoming more popular, being used as a substitute for cocoa and as a natural sweetener in traditional dessert preparations such as brownies, cakes, muffins or even added directly to milk and yogurt.

Beflesh contains 0% fat, no added sugars, and is rich in fibre and healthy carbohydrates.

In short, Beflesh is the new superfood used in the preparation in a health-friendly and delicious pastries and bakery.  It is the perfect ingredient in a special sponge cake, a healthy smoothie or a balanced breakfast.

Beflesh is vegan friendly, gluten free, organic and it may be used as a sports supplement. Many advantages!

Health food stores

Health food store owners know the importance of using natural and high quality raw materials that have a positive effect on people’s health and well-being. So, they only choose excellent ingredients to prepare food and dietary supplements according to the needs of their customers.

There are thousands of ways to sweeten your diet in a healthy way. Which one is your favourite?

Beflesh is a natural ingredient, treated with care, perfectly processed and ideal to include in any type of diet.  Try Beflesh and offer your customers a high quality product, 100% natural and with all the beneficial properties of the carob fruit.

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