Pedro Pérez: more than 40 years of cultivation and commercialization of carob

One of the most extraordinary regions globally regarding plant production is undoubtedly the Mediterranean area, especially the Iberian Peninsula.

This fortunate situation has a reason: its climate, characterized by dry and warm summers, with average temperatures above 22 °C, and wet and rainy winters, with mild temperatures.

These climate conditions generate the development of forest-like species, among which the carob tree or ‘garrofer’ stands out with its fruit:  carob or ‘garrofa’. A wild grown tree that can exceed ten meters in height and does not require much water to survive.

Its fruit, carob, is a highly valued product today, considering that it was deemed to be little more than cattle feed for a long time.

Our company Pedro Pérez Martínez SL was established in 1980 in Bugarra (Valencia), although its origins date back to over 50 years ago when its founder, Mr Pedro Pérez Martínez, started out in the carob industry. Since its inception, our entrepreneurial outlook has led to the addition of new production lines featuring the most advanced carob processing technology, culminating in the expansion of a new head office in Cheste (Valencia).

In both facilities we have the most specialized infrastructure and equipment – as well as the most experienced team for manufacturing new carob products. Our strategy has led us to be leaders in innovation worldwide and to offer an exclusive service to clients with whom we closely work every day.

Why is Pedro Perez Carob’s quality symbol?

PEDRO PEREZ counts with the most innovative production lines, technology, infrastructure, and specialized equipment. Our personnel is specially trained to design new products derived carob or ‘garrofa’.

We select the best raw material with strict quality controls in order to produce high quality products which have helped us become an international reference.  Our production sites are located in Valencia, in the towns of Bugarra and Cheste. We are specialized in the production of carob products of all range of particle sizes; from over 8 mm to 75 micron carob powder. This leads to unique and standardized product presentations.

The expansion worldwide of the company began in the ’90s with the introduction of carob in new international markets. Today, Pedro Pérez’s products are marketed in North America, European Union, Russia, North Africa, and several Asian countries.

These products can be ordered from any part of the world since it has an extraordinary internationalization network.

Quality and experience, food safety, sustainability, innovation and customer service represent the main values of the company and perfectly summarize the reasons why our clients have trusted us for more than four decades.

About the process

To this end, we offer raw and dehydrated kibbled carob of different particles sizes and our exclusive product Beflesh, special dehydrated carob flour. Our production process always guarantees the respect for the environment and ecology, as well as the best quality standards.

We produce carob products with the most cutting-edge technology and subject them to the most efficient of cleaning, grinding, screening, drying, micronizing and packaging processes.  Our highly prepared work team and career professionals, work very hard ot guarantee the excellence of our products.

We are certified in the quality standard ISO 9001, and feed safety assurance GMP + B2, and organic production. We are currently looking forward to certifying our product Beflesh in IFS Food, and hope to achieve this certification by the end of the year.

Try Carob with Pedro Perez

Pedro Pérez Martinez, S.L. contributes towards a more sustainable world. Our company, due to its location and the nature of its activity, has a significant impact on the rural environment that surrounds it.

Strategies have been implemented to improve the quality of life of the farmers who work in the carob cultivation process, intervening in the local economy of our region and thinking about the collective welfare, minimizing the environmental impact, and providing a healthy natural ingredient to consumers.

For all these reasons, Pedro Perez represents one of the most prestigious companies in carob processing, which contributes actively with the environment and rural economies by promoting the cultivation of the carob tree. As a result, our mission is to produce ‘high added value products from carob’ and bring them closer to consumers.